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Helping Children to “Give Dreams Flight”

Witnessing the impact of poverty on the children of Bihar, India so deeply impacted Tarik Kadri (MSW 2012 Factor-Inwentash), that he founded Paper Kite Children’s Foundation to improve the living conditions and futures of the children most at risk, orphans and especially orphaned girls.

“It is possible to run a charity with low operation costs – you just have to work at it – to be transparent and accountable.”

- Tarik Kadri

About Paper Kite Children’s Foundation

Paper Kite is a volunteer-run, non-profit children’s charity which provides basic necessities to children living in orphanages in the state of Bihar, India. These basic necessities cover four major categories based on the UN Future Fit for Children (Millennium Development Goals): proper nutrition, clean water, education, and health and welfare.

A unique feature of the Foundation is that no money is given to the orphanages directly; instead, supplies are purchased by Paper Kite through local merchants and then delivered to the orphanages. This ensures that donors know exactly where there money is going, it helps support the local economy and ensures that supplies are culturally relevant.

Paper Kite was started in Vancouver, BC, in 2009 and has since expanded to Toronto and Ottawa.

Alumni bio

Tarik Kadri (MSW 2012 Factor-Inwentash) is President and Founder of Paper Kite Children’s Foundation. He is a military social worker, and has been with the military since 1997 when he started as a part-time Reservist.

In 2008, Tarik travelled to India for the first time with his Yoga group. He wanted to become a Yogi and volunteer in an Ashram. He travelled to Bihar to the spot where Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment (Bodhgaya). While there, he walked into an orphanage unexpectedly, and what he saw there changed his life forever:

“I couldn’t believe that, in a world of abundance, these children are shivering in a corner, haven’t had fruit for a month, and are living without basic necessities.”

Once back in Canada, Tarik searched for charities helping Bihar, bud he couldn’t find any. Following the suggestion of a friend, and after several months of consideration, he decided to look into starting his own charity, as he couldn’t get the imprinted image of the children of Bihar out of his mind. Paper Kite Children’s Foundation was finally incorporated in June, 2009, and charitable registration was received in July, 2009.

Tarik says that U of T has been a wonderful networking community, and has helped with the expansion of Paper Kite from Vancouver to Toronto. He says, “for those of us fortunate enough to attend U of T, we’ve been given an opportunity to make a difference in this world. It’s important that we give back by utilizing what we’ve learned in a meaningful way – not just by donating money but by volunteering time and skills.”


Paper Kite Movie Night in Toronto

Dates: Sat Jun 23rd,  Time:  2-5pm
Dates: Sun Jun 24rd, Time:  4-7pm

Location: Yonge/Lakeshore

Suggestion minimum donation: $20

Event Information: Paper Kite is a grassroots charity that gives orphaned children in India the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and enjoy their childhood. Help us raise money to give these children access to proper nutrition, clean water, an education and health care by coming out to our movie night.

We will be playing two inspiring, award-winning documentaries at a private movie theatre where you can meet with old friends, make new friends and learn more about Paper Kite’s mission. And since a movie night isn’t complete without treats you will receive a bag of popcorn and a soft drink to enjoy during the films!

For location details and to purchase tickets contact: or 416-275-9456. There is limited seating so please RSVP to avoid disappointment.

Featured Volunteer – Bibhu Tamrakar

We are happy to announce Bibhu as our Featured Volunteer.

Bibhu has volunteered with Paper Kite since 2010, and she has played an instrumental role in organizing our healing days in Vancouver. She is also in charge of our social media in which she updates the community and our donors on all news related to Paper Kite. When not volunteering with Paper Kite, Bibhu works for the BC Schizophrenia Society which further exemplifies her dedication to non-profit work.

We are extremely appreciative of Bibhu’s continuing commitment to Paper Kite. Her dedication and enthusiasm sets a wonderful example for our volunteers. Thank you, Bibhu, for all your hard work!

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