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The State of Bihar is part of the tribal area, one of the most impoverished regions of India.  The majority of people in this area belong to the disadvantaged tribes and castes.  This means they have added social stigmas holding them in poverty.  The vast majority of the State is in agricultural production which only provides low-paying jobs.  Adding to the social strain, there also exists a conflict between the Indian government and rebels that sometimes flares into armed conflict.

The population of Bihar is projected to be around 90,000,000 people, approximately 3 times that of all of Canada.  Nearly 20% of the total population is younger than seven years old.  The severe poverty and large number of children means children end up in orphanages as their family are unable to care for them.

Politically, Bihar is divided into 38 districts and the state capital is Patna.  The State of Bihar is in northeast India.  It borders the other Indian states of Uttar Pradesh to the west, Jharkhand to the south and West Bengal to the east.  It shares an international border with Nepal to the north.  Bihar is located within the North Indian Plain and is divided in two by the River Ganges, a river considered holy by Hindus.

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