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Diwali Celebrations at Jeanamitabh!

The kids at the Jeanamitabh orphanage recently celebrated the festival of Diwali!

Here are some pictures from their celebration earlier this month.

pk diwali DSC02049

Happy Diwali from Jeanamitabh!

The children at the Jeanamitabh orphanage in Bihar recently joined together to celebrate Diwali!

Along with staff, the children lit candles for their godmothers, godfathers, and friends in the world. They want to wish them all joy, happiness, and prosperity!

The children have now gone on holidays for 10 days, but would like to wish everyone a Happy Diwali!

May the light of the candle empower your lives!

Love & blessings from everyone at Jeanamitabh!

Street Accident in Bodhgaya

It is with great sorrow that we pass on some sad news from Bodhgaya. Two students from the Jeanamitabh orphanage recently passed away in a tragic street accident.

They were coming home from tuition when their bicycle was hit and run over by a bus driver suspected of drinking and driving.

The two students, Shambhu and Vikash, had just recently passed their matriculation exams with very good marks. They were both hard workers who came in early during the mornings to help out around the class. Both students were very affectionate and enjoyed joking with their peers.

The entire Jeanamitabh family has been affected by this great sorrow and is mourning the loss of both students.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the students as well as the extended family at Jeanamitabh.

The photos attached were taken a few days before the accident when both students were being awarded for passing their matriculation exams.

New Session Begins at Sunway!

By Ravi


We are now into April and this month marks the beginning of new sessions in schools.

Our children too are going to attend their new classes.

Most of our children received very good marks on their examinations. Some of them have secured more than eighty percent!

Their great performance gives us a new motivation and also adds to the desire to do more and better for them.

Thank you.


Colourful Celebration at Jeanamitabh

Students and staff at the Jeanamitabh orphanage recently celebrated the Indian festival known as Holi. Check out some of the awesome pictures they took during their celebration…look at all the wonderful colours!

pk jean blog 2 IMG_1594

Exam time at Jeanamitabh!

By Awdesh Kumar


A beautiful good evening to all of you. It is now the examination period for all students at our boarding school.

So all students are very busy and tired these days. Despite this, the kids show so much intelligence and always write their exams with all their heart.

Please give us your blessings and wish success in life for all the children.

Thank you.

sunway blog3

News from Sunway

By Ravi


We have been very busy at Sunway with lots of activities. Among them, has been going on a trip to a hill station with all the children and celebrating group birthdays of the students. We celebrate their birthdays in groups in order to fill the kids with feelings of happiness and joy, something which has been only a dream for them so far.

Last year some children qualified for college and some of the Paper Kite volunteers interviewed those kids during their winter trip to India. We will be posting pictures from these events very soon!

Thank You!


News from the Jeanamitabh School

By Awdesh Kumar


It is Awdesh and we are sending news from our school. As you have seen, things are going well at the school. Right now, it is too cold and the schools here have been closed for two days.

After the month of January is complete, it is examination time for all the students of class xii. These will take place in February. For me, my exams will occur during the month of April.

Please bless us and wish us well during this period.

Thank you!

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