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2011 Orphanages

24 January 2011

Paper Kite has recently received approval from our Board to assist with the expansion of two orphanages in Bodhgaya, Bihar in February 2011. In 2010, our Executive Director evaluated the orphanages in Bodhgaya to ensure that they are properly operated and are truly in need of our four programs (proper nutrition, clean water, education, health and welfare).

Tarik Kadri, our President and Founder, along with Johannes Jenkner, a Paper Kite volunteer, will be traveling to Bihar in February 2011 in order to implement our programs.  During this time they will be purchasing items from local villages in order to meet the orphanages’ needs, while supporting the local economy. In order to ensure that our efforts directly benefit the children, no money will be given directly to these orphanages. Also note that Tarik and Johannes are graciously subsidizing 100% of all travel expenses incurred during this field exercise including airfare and accommodations.

The following are the 2 orphanages of Bihar which Paper Kite will be assisting during our upcoming implementation program. Throughout the month of February 2011 please visit our site frequently in order to track our progress and witness the results of your support!

Jeanamitabh:In 2002 Jeanne PERE, a retired French teacher, decided to get involved in helping fifty small children. These children lost in the streets of Bodhgaya, begging, starving, and shivering from the cold, painted the honest picture of Bihar – one of the poorest regions of India.

Today, “Mummy Jee”, as she is called by the children and the people of Bodhgaya, and the small team of “Jeanamitabh Welfare Trust” are giving dignity back to those children in need. Jeanamitabh operates a boarding school of 200 students, along with 7 primary schools in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.  Their programs include education for the children, along with medical care and social development for the villagers.

Sunway:Founded in 2004 by Yrsa S. Grüning, Sunway operates two orphanages which house 75 children aged 3-17 years.  Most of the children at these orphanages have lost one or both parents, and all come from low caste or untouchables. In addition, Sunway operates a school with 40 students and two adult classes.

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