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A Big Thank You to Sunil Sinha!

16 January 2012

Paper Kite Children’s Foundation would like to extend a big thank you to Sunil Sinha for his generous donation of $2000!

Originally from Bihar, Sunil understands first-hand how important it is for organizations like Paper Kite to provide funding for the basic necessities and social programs promoting children’s education and health in Bihar.

Sunil had wanted to be a part of this year’s Paper Kite Team heading to Bihar in February, but is unable to go. In a gesture of immense kindness and generosity,  Sunil donated the money he was going to use to fund his trip to Paper Kite. In addition, Sunil has also shown tremendous support for our organization by trying to secure resources to assist our team in purchasing items for the orphanages once the team arrives in Bihar.

Thank you so much Sunil for your support and helping us meet our goal!

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