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Jeanamitabh 2015

Back Again!—2015 Field Blog #1

14 March 2015

Yesterday I arrived in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India for the 5th time. This is where Buddha achieved enlightenment. I was greeted at the FullSizeRender (2)airport by mummy Jee, the orphanage founder and manager of Jeanamitabh. She has been living in Bodhgaya for 15 years supporting over three hundred children who would have not otherwise received shelter and education.


Over dinner we discussed the purchases Paper Kite is able to make based on the money raised over the past year and Paper Kite’s Board review of our four programs and approval. The orphanage managers submit their request for items in advance. I am very happy that this year we are able to purchase all the requested items for the two orphanages we support! Items such as food, medicine, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, socks, stoves, kitchen supplies, and a bed. I directly purchase FullSizeRender (5)these items myself and overlook their delivery to the children. Additionally, I review the items we have purchased in previous years to ensure they continue to support the children. Unique elements of Paper Kite include being 100% volunteer based, directly purchasing local items ourselves, and interacting with the children.

Welcome 2015This morning I received the traditional welcome where all the children greeted me before they started classes for the day. For the
past five years I have been able to see the children grow and progress through school. Seeing the children and spending time with them is always the most exciting part of my trip. They are so curious about the western world and friendly to visitors. 

I didn’t waste anytime today and started purchasing items for the orphanages. As a volunteer, IPaper Kite Welcome
go to the shops, count the items, pay for them and oversee their delivery to the children. This
may sound easy but it takes a lot of time. Some items are not pre-made and we purchase them and must assemble them afterward. For example, we buy the fabric for school uniforms and then have it tailored. For beds and tables we buy the wood and hire a carpenter to assemble them. And you thought ikea items were hard to assemble!! 
Tomorrow I will continue to purchase items. Stay tuned!!

Tarik Kadri, President and Founder of Paper Kite

One Response to “Back Again!—2015 Field Blog #1”

  1. Theresa Wynn says:

    Bless you and what you do so selflessly and on behalf of so many.

    Would that more of us were with you to help with some of these tasks and to lighten your load. I will put it out to the Universe that next year you will have accompaniment on this journey.

    Big blessings and bear hugs from Edmonton!!

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