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Senior Leadership Positions Available at Paper Kite Vancouver

24 July 2013

Paper Kite Children’s Foundation is a 100% volunteer run charity. Like all organizations, the functioning of our team determines the success of Paper Kite and our social benefit. We are currently recruiting for three positions in Vancouver: Regional Board Member, Chapter President, and Chapter Vice-President.The successful candidates must be able to commit approximately 10-15 hours per month for a period of at least 6 months (number of hours dependent on projects). If you are interested in applying, please email you resume to

Regional Board Member—Vancouver Chapter

The role of our Board of Directors (Board) is to ensure Paper Kite is responsibly managed and accomplishes its goals effectively and efficiently. Our Board has the overall responsibility of working together in a collegial working environment for strategic planning, finances, organizational operations, community relations, human resources and leading volunteers. Our Board is structured as a Working Board, which means our Board Members directly assist with the management and operations of Paper Kite.

The following are the core responsibilities for each of our Board Members:
Be committed to the goals of Paper Kite and act in Paper Kite’s best interest at all times
* Regularly attend Board meetings (every four to six weeks) via internet in the evenings
* Make a serious commitment to actively participate in all Paper Kite Board matters (policy advice and planning)
* Stay informed about Board matters; prior to meetings prepare, review and comment on board meeting material, minutes and agenda
* Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments, including committee appointments, and complete them thoroughly and on time, attend committee related meetings as required
* Represent and support Paper Kite at community activities
* Actively participate in the annual evaluation of our Board, Executive Director and any committees
* Elect a meeting Chair should both the President and Vice-President be absent
* Participate in our fundraising activities (planning and attending)

The following are the core responsibilities for the position of Regional Board Member –Vancouver Chapter.
* Act as Project Manager / Chief Operating Officer for Chapter events
* Act as a liaison between the city chapter management and the Paper Kite Board
* Effective communication and problem solving skills
* Conflict management and resolution

* Experience with younger non-profits
* Previous board experience is strongly preferred
* Strong leadership skills with the ability to guide the Vancouver chapter with advice and support. This role will be communicating with the Vancouver Chapter President & Vice President
* Established in the city with a network that includes local small businesses

Vancouver Chapter President

The Chapter President manages our volunteers to assist in the delivery of our programs and services. This includes directly managing volunteers, and/or providing guidance, support, resources and tools to others who supervise volunteers. Specific roles and responsibilities:

* Ensures that our volunteers work in a safe, supportive and fun environment
* Implements goals and objectives for our volunteer program which reflect the mission of Paper Kite
* Develops and implements effective strategies to source potential volunteers
* Develops and implements an intake and interview protocol for potential volunteers to ensure the best match between the skills, qualification and interests of the volunteers and the needs of Paper Kite
* Establishes and implements a process for evaluating the contribution of individual volunteers and their level of satisfaction
* Trains and mentors volunteers as appropriate
* Ensures that all volunteers receive an orientation to Paper Kite
* Ensures that volunteers receive the appropriate level of supervision
* Coordinates our volunteers and delegates responsibilities for all special events
* Promotes our volunteer program to gain community support for both our volunteer program and Paper Kite in general
* Holds monthly meetings for volunteers to keep them updated on Paper Kite initiatives
* Ensures that records of volunteer hours are maintained
* Ensures that volunteer files are securely stored and privacy/confidentiality is maintained; provides records to our Board Secretary for retention
* Produces and issues volunteer appreciation letters for Board signature
* Identifies conflicts amongst volunteers and assists with conflict resolution; informs our Board of serious conflicts and unresolved conflicts for followup including potentially involving outside assistance
* Plans and implements formal and informal volunteer activities to recognize the contribution nd importance of volunteers to Paper Kite
* Contributes a summary of our volunteer program to our Board meetings and annual report
* Works with our Executive Director to create an annual budget for volunteer recruitment, training and retention activities for Board approval
* Administers and monitors expenditures for our volunteer program against the Board approved budget
* Participates and may at time lead fundraising activities

Vancouver Chapter Vice-President

Responsibilities Include:
* Planning and implementing a dynamic fundraising strategy
* Engaging the general public through community outreach activities and events
* Sourcing potential community and business partners
* Attending monthly meetings with the Vancouver team

* At least 1 year experience planning and implementing successful fundraising initiatives including special events and/or donor partnerships, coursework on fundraising, or a combination of education and experience.
* Experience working with volunteers in a leadership capacity
* Experience working in/with South Asian community
* Experience working with nonprofits

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