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When I Grow Up—2015 Field Blog #3

22 March 2015

FullSizeRender (15)The most important aspect and results of our contributions each year are the children. Not having to worry about when they are going to eat again, someone forcing them to beg for money or if they can even go to school. We are ultimately contributing to their happiness.

The children can reach for their dreams – trust me, they have big dreams!! Today they were sharing theirIMG_0754 dreams with me. One said she wanted to be a doctor, the other a painter, a writer, a politician. The children are so grateful for what they have and what they receive.

The children are inquisitive and curious. So hopeful of a future full of love and prosperity. Their education helps form their dreams and has the potential to impact FullSizeRender (17)their families. To be quite honest, many girls will choose to get married when they finish high school (class 10). This is influenced by their cultural belief to build and support a family. However, the opportunity for them to attend post-secondary is there if they choose it. The girls who choose to get married have received formal education and socialization that will assist them in expanding their awareness – passing on basic life skills leading to healthy and hopeful futures.

The older children guide and mentor the younger children. Of course the older children come up to me and sayFullSizeRender (16) “Mahadev, I have completed my board exam and I need a bike and computer to go to college and complete my studies”. Mahadev was a name I was given five years ago in India.

FullSizeRender (14)I’ll leave you with an interesting fact. The children rarely eat fruit due to the cost and availability in this region. When I asked them if I offered and they had to chose between chocolate and fruit, what would they chose, all of them said fruit. They eat the same thing everyday for every meal – rice, lentils and vegetables.

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