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“Another one Miss!”

23 December 2012

By Xilo

Sundays at Jeanamitabh are filled with treats for the children.  It’s their only free day of the week so they can play or watch T.V. in what are normally the classrooms.  (Some of the older kids use the free time to study for college exams, which are coming up in February and March.)

I, of course, was a new toy with which the children amused themselves.  They marvelled at my skipping abilities, taught me to sing the welcome song that they learn for visitors and hammed it up for the camera.  They especially loved posing for me in front of the Christmas tree and kept asking me for “Another one Miss!”  The Christmas decorations were still going up today and I’ve never seen so many acrobatic feats performed just to hang up a huge 3-D paper star in the middle of a room.

In the afternoon I toured the home, which is divided into many small class rooms that double as sleeping quarters for the children in the evening.  The boys are separated from the girls and there’s a common area on the same floor as the kitchen were the children can take their meals.  Since I spent the entire day there today I also got a treat:  my first authentic Indian meal since arriving to India.  (Airport food court meals don’t count!)  It was spicy, delicious, and eaten very quickly.

I had an amazing time trying to keep up with the seemingly inexhaustible energy of the smaller children and answering questions from the inquisitive older children.  Tomorrow I’m heading back to observe them during their afterschool workshops and I may even get watch my first ever cricket game!

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