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Accountability and Transparency

24 January 2011

I’m writing this blog in one of the few wireless internet cafés in Bodhgaya. I’m happy to tell you that I have been to all three orphanages that we are supporting this year in the last couple of days. I confirmed the needs of each orphanage based on our previous visit in 2010. The needs are in line with our four programs (proper nutrition, clean water, education, health and welfare).

In order to ensure that our efforts directly benefit the children, no money will be given directly to these orphanages. As such, the orphanages have signed service agreements stating that donated goods will be used solely for the benefit of children residing in the orphanage and the orphanage will monitor and verify items donated by Paper Kite. I will be purchasing the items myself and ensure they are delivered to the orphanages. In the Fall, another Paper Kite volunteer will be coming back to ensure the orphanages are fulfilling our service agreement. Paper Kite has been built on accountability and transparency.

I’m happy to let you know that Paper Kite, through the hard work of the volunteers and your donations, is able to spend $12,000 this year on items for the orphanage. Items we will be purchasing will support the expansion of the orphanages to allow for more orphans. Paper Kite is 100% volunteer run and we do not have any government grants or major sponsors. Our volunteers have raised the $12,000 that we are using here in Bihar, India. As well, I have paid for my own travel and expenses. We rely on donations and support from people like you. As a grassroot charity, like many non-profits, we have dedicated volunteers working with limited resources. I founded Paper Kite on the basis of a need I witnessed two years ago here in Bodhgaya. Gaining trust from the public is one of our biggest challenges – with good understanding. Please take the time to navigate our website; see the need, see the pictures, and see our dedicated volunteers. We are accountable to you! Thank you for believing and supporting our cause. Please know we are making every effort to ensure all of your donations make it to the orphanages in the form of items needed.

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