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31 March 2010

I’m pleased to inform you that Paper Kite’s project at Sunway Home #2 is now complete.  Mosquito screens have been built and installed to 8 medium sized windows as well as to two oversized windows in the kitchen.  For me the completion comes just in time as I return to Canada in 4 days and I have many other loose ends to complete beforehand.

The screens function well and look good – a successfully completed project.  The building is unfinished and the walls are uneven brick which haven’t been smoothed out with a concrete layer.  This unevenness means not all of the screens sit flush on the walls.  Ravi, Sunway Home Assistant Manager, is going to have the sides of the screens cemented to the building to fill-in the spaces.  That will improve the effectiveness of the screens and keep out almost all mosquitoes.

The arrival and installation of the screens were big news for the children.  The installers had an audience and a small army of willing assistants for fetching tools and water (right now it reaches over 40 C every day).  Once the install was done the children eagerly took me around and showed me each screen and insisted I took pictures with them next to the screens.  They loved the project itself and were especially happy once they learned the screens will keep out mosquitoes.  Included are more images showing the mosquito screens and my tour guides.  Other pictures were part of my previous blog posting.

Onwards and upwards.  I look forward to returning to Vancouver and discussing with our Board and other Paper Kiters our options for future projects.  There are several exciting projects that well suit Paper Kite’s goals.  I just found another one last Saturday, when the boarding school I was visiting turned out to be an orphanage.  A nice switch from the orphanages turning out to be schools.  Exciting times!  See you soon.



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