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22 December 2012

By: Xilo

Bodhgaya woke up this morning with a thick cold blanket of fog covering it.  I had to dig out my warmest scarf to meet with Derek and Vinyse for breakfast at our headquarters (Be Happy Café).  It was an early morning as we planned to go to Jeanamitahb so that I could be introduced to the children and Mummy Jee before Vinyse and Derek left for Canada this afternoon.

We arrived at Jeanamitahb in time for the daily morning prayers and singing.  They prepared a welcome/farewell ceremony that involved the children singing to us and a blessing complete with flower garlands.  A huge smile was plastered on my face throughout the entire visit as I experienced the beautiful ceremony and warm hospitality at Jeanamitahb.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long, but I’m excited to go back tomorrow to visit with the children who stared curiously at all the visitors.

In the afternoon, I was on my own for the first time.  I decided to go back to Sunway and continue working on some of the projects on my “to do” list.  A project the children helped me with today was writing notes on post-cards that some of our supporters back home purchased before our trip.  I was in total paparazzi mode today and had quite a lot of fun taking pictures of the children as they worked on this.

Many of the children at Sunway know my name now and the bigger girls are more comfortable with me and invite me to sit with them.  The bigger boys are still quite reserved, but this seems to be cultural and I’m quite curious to see how the dynamics change once Tarik arrives on Monday.  Time is flying and every day here has been quite an experience.  I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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