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Helping children for Profit or Compassion?

16 February 2011

“You’re helping children here in India and you’re not getting a profit?” I was asked this question by a young man while writing my last blog in a café. He was more surprised when I told him I paid for my own flight, hotel and food. At first I did not give much thought to his question, but after a few days I realized I did not answer his question. The young man was shocked that I used my own efforts, resources, energy and time to come to Bihar, India to help children without earning a profit. At first, I thought the reason I am here is because of compassion, but that does not completely answer the question. Compassion is feeling what others feel. Not only did I purchase items that the orphanages needed, like food, medicine, school supplies and clothing, I spent time in each orphanage and connected with the staff and children. But why did I do that? I did it because I could!

I live in a country of plenty and I am not limited. We have basic necessities like food, water, clothing and shelter. We have access to stable and reliable electrical power. We have schools in our communities and we have advanced resources. I have received formal education and see a doctor and dentist once a year. The sight of fruit, something all children need daily, excited the children like a chocolate bar did to me as a child. With the dedicated team of volunteers in Canada, we are unlimited. Each one of us in Paper Kite has made a difference in the lives of the children. I have been a part of and seen the difference we are making.

To me it’s not about profit – it’s about personal connection. I now have the faces of the children in the homes imprinted in my mind and heart. I will never forget them. I am more passionate now than ever before. When I went into Jeanamitabh for the first time three weeks ago, I read a poster in one of the classrooms which is a good conclusion to my blogs.

“Never, never, never, never give up!”

Thank you for reading my blogs and for your continued support for Paper Kite Children’s Foundation.

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