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Helping Dreams Come True – Part 2

10 February 2011

On January 28th, Tarik told us the story of Rajesh, a 15 yr old boy he met at Jeanamitabh Orphanage.  Despite the daily struggles he faces due to his lack of mobility from the chest down, Rajesh still maintains a positive outlook on life and keeps dreaming of a successful future for himself.   Tarik’s description of how Rajesh spends his days laying on a blanket and depending on 4 other boys in order to be transported from one area to the next really touched our hearts and motivated us to make a difference.
Tarik expressed his disappointment in not being able to provide Rajesh with a wheelchair during his trip due to Paper Kite’s lack of funds.  Upon reading these words, we, the remaining Board Members in Vancouver found it unacceptable for Tarik to leave Bihar without providing Rajesh with the mobility and independence that a simple wheelchair would provide.  As Board Members for Paper Kite we are proud to come together and personally donate the funds required to provide Rajesh with a wheelchair and consequently, the autonomy he deserves.
On behalf of all Board Members (Amanda Rogers, Brigitte Prud’Homme, and Gerry Wahl), I would also like to thank Tarik for all his hard work and dedication during his stay in Bihar – It is true what they say; COMPASSION DOES BREED COMPASSION.

Kind Regards,

Isabel Estan (Paper Kite Vice-President)

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