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Helping Dreams Come True

28 January 2011

Today I spent the day celebrating India Republic day with the children from Jeanamitabh. We had a picnic in Dharamn Park, one of many places Buddha meditated. I really bonded with the children – we sang songs, danced and took many pictures. The children love cameras. I met Rajesh, a 15 year old boy living at the orphanage. He is physically disabled from the chest down and does not have a wheelchair. He lies on a blanket all day and is carried by four other boys in the orphanage to go to classes and meals. I gave him my chai tea and he insisted that I drink half with him while we chatted. He is a very positive and happy boy. When he grows up, he wants to be a doctor to help poor children. Rajesh is one of many children Paper Kite supports. Like many of us, he has hope that one day he will achieve his dreams.

I’m sad to say that on this trip we will not be able buy Rajesh a wheelchair because we do not have enough money. It is challenging to see so many disadvantaged people, especially children, when we are so fortunate to live in a world of plenty. It is my dream that no child will go hungry and without love or care. Love can come in many forms. As you can see, donations are making a long-term difference in the children’s lives. As well, volunteering your time so selflessly speaks volumes.

At Paper Kite’s last volunteer meeting I asked a question that is hard to answer initially without thought. I will ask you all the same question in hopes that you understand why Paper Kite exists. Why should anyone care about helping children halfway across the world?

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  1. Johannes says:

    It is amazing how happy most children in Jeanamitabh are, even though they lack most items we have in the western world. On the one hand, the conditions in Jeanamitabh are very simple and there is a lot to improve further. On the other hand, there is a big smile on the face of all who can enjoy using items that were donated. Rajesh is only one of 14 handicapped kids in Jeanamitabh and we plan to buy further supporting materials for this group of kids with special needs. These children truly deserve that we help them and I am more than sure that they acknowledge our help a lot!

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