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Here we go again!—Field Blog #1

22 January 2014

I arrived in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India at 3:00pm two days ago with a very happy smile. It’s my 5th time here – four of my trips have been specifically to volunteer for Paper Kite. I’ve become somewhat of an expert in purchasing items here, knowing the prices and where to buy things. As well, people are beginning to recognize me and the work that Paper Kite is doing here. It is customary to not see the children on the day I arrive. The children at Jeanamitabh are preparing a grand entrance for the Paper Kite team and enjoy welcoming guests in a traditional manner.

Soon after I arrived the children commenced their group morning routine, including prays, listening to daily news and singing. One of the older boys talked about equality among women and men and how equality is necessary for their advancement. This year, I brought shoes for all the girls. Most of the children do not wear shoes due to the high cost. This evening, the girls will get to pick the shoes they want. The children are very happy, always smiling and humble with what they have. While I am here, I will write blogs and show pictures of their facilities. Although the children are happy and they have workable facilities, there is much more to be done, especially projects that will guarantee their long-term sustainability.

I am here for 10 days to make purchases that will benefit the children. In Canada, purchasing the items for both Jeanamitabh and Sunway orphanages could simply be done in one day. Here in Bodhgaya, it will take the full 10 days. Nothing is purchased ready-made, like chairs and beds, simply because it’s not available. There is definitely nothing like Ikea or Wal-Mart here! However, since my first trip to Bodhgaya in December 2008, there have been a lot of technological advancements. There are many little restaurants and guesthouses offering international meals and wifi. I woke up this morning at 4am and posted a facebook update on Paper Kite’s fan page:

Another new thing I am doing this year is having the children or I answer any questions from our supporters. If the power is not out and wifi isavailable, I will film the answers and upload them to facebook. So please start asking any questions you have :)

Tarik Kadri, President and Founder of Paper Kite

One Response to “Here we go again!—Field Blog #1”

  1. Felix says:

    Thank you for keeping me informed Tariq, and for doing so much good for my fellow Indians!
    I wish I were there with you and Jeff,
    A’Salaam aleiqum!

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