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How would you decide what to purchase?—Field Blog #4

29 January 2014

We have started the purchasing of approved items – food for one month, medicine and school supplies, materials to fix the drainage of waste water, and railing materials for the rooftop of the orphanage. Having volunteers here to count, price, and pay for the items really does ensure that everything we purchase is at a fair price and directly benefits the children.

Volunteers are here to see the complete transaction of purchasing and delivering the items. Every year we return and see the items that we have purchased the previous years.

The following pictures show us buying the items, the delivery of them to the orphanage, the installation, and use.

Mummy Jee, the founder of Jeanamitabh told Tarik that Paper Kite’s purchases are like receiving presents on Christmas day.

We learned on this trip that not only do the children appreciate the purchases we make; the kitchen staff does as well. They barely get by with minimal coal for the clay stove to cook food for the children.

The food we buy allows the children to be given full portions of food and prevents them from going hungry.

The orphanages here are left to make decisions with the minimal funds they have. Imagine trying to decide what is more important – housing, food, water, or education. As well, imagine how hard it would be to make decisions if you didn’t have all of those basic necessities.

Buying food, but having no means to prepare it. Paying for a student’s tuition, but no way to get them to school. Renting a home, but having no right to ask the home owner to repair the home. Even making decisions on what health conditions are more important.

Tarik Kadri, President and Founder of Paper Kite

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