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Old School vs. New School

20 December 2012

By Derek and Vinyse

Yesterday was a quiet day, spent typing up notes and welcoming another volunteer, Xilo, to Bodh Gaya. Read her blog posts to see how she’s feeling in this amazingly beautiful and chaotic country!

Today we had a great day at Sunway. Vinyse stayed at the orphanage with Xilo to play with the kids. Once our iPad came out, the kids asked to see photos and play games. After a few tries at Fruit Ninja, they played a couple of rounds of Ludo on the iPad. They’ve all played Ludo before, but there was definitely the novelty of playing it ‘new school’…on a touch screen. They were great at helping each other, and were chatty throughout.

Derek went with the orphanage manager to start the process of having metal bars made for Sunway’s windows. The metal bars are one of the items that Paper Kite is purchasing this year for Sunway. These bars will allow light to shine into the building while providing security from intruders.  The metal bars are made ‘old school’…by manually cutting long metal rods to size and then welding them together.

Our experience of old ways (metalwork) and new ways (technology) is another great example of the many contradictions that India holds.

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