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One bench at a time…

26 January 2011

Kneeing or sitting down to work and eat is a common practice in India. Chairs and tables are rarely used for working and eating. However, it has been reported by the orphanages that tables and chairs are needed for students to do their school work. One of the four programs Paper Kite supports is Education. Jeanamitabh Orphanage and School, one of the orphanages we are assisting this year, is expanding in order to take in more children. Currently, there are 900 children on a waiting list. In the newly built classrooms, the children are sitting on the ground while attending school. Our Board has approved purchasing joint tables and benches for the six new classrooms. I went with the Director and Founder to purchase the wood and bolts that will be used to construct the table and benches. Over the next week, the table and benches will be fabricated and put into the classrooms.

This is one of many items that Paper Kite will be purchasing in order to provide basic necessities for the children. Education is important in order to end the cycle of poverty. Jeanamitabh’s motto is ‘To save one child is to save the world.’ I have witnessed them doing that. Paper Kite is supporting this fully functional orphanage that provides a home and education on-site to each child. Jeanamitabh has sent eleven orphans to college and university. This is an orphanage that is making a difference from beginning to end for the children. We are proud to partner with Jeanamitabh and jointly assist the children in achieving their dreams. Paper Kite works closely with the orphanages while ensuring that we are not imposing our cultural beliefs.

Paper Kite is very fortunate to have volunteer skilled professionals on our Board. To name a few, we have a labour lawyer, a registered bookkeeper, a registered social worker and a financial analyst on our Team. Paper Kite has a strong team of volunteers to help raise funds to support the orphanages. It is the dedication, commitment and compassion of the volunteers which allows us to achieve our goals. Paper Kite has no paid employees or office costs. We strive to have our small operation costs paid by a donor or sponsor, as was done in 2009. Any amount that you can donate will make a difference in the children’s lives. Alternatively, you can contribute a monthly recurring amount or donate in honour of someone on our website. A tax receipt will be emailed to you. Donate here

Over the next few days our Board will be deciding which items we are able to provide to the remaining orphanages based on our four programs. The items will have a direct impact on the growth and success of the children. Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more updates :)

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