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One of the Girls

24 December 2012

By Xilo

I began my day by visiting Sunway.  All of the children were inside huddled around the T.V. as today there was no school and it was still too cold to go outside to play.  The bigger girls were in their room and I was invited inside for some chai tea.  As usual, they peppered me with questions about my marriage status, my plans for the future, and what I’m doing here in India.  The morning flew by in between answering questions and learning traditional Indian dance.

In the afternoon I began working on one of my projects, which is taking videos of the kids telling me what they want to do when they grow up.  However, trying to find a quiet place with good lighting in a home with 75 children is impossible and outside the noise of a tractor drowned everything out.  I will try again tomorrow with hopefully a little more luck.

In the afternoon I went to Jeanamitabh and was disappointed to learn that the boys weren’t playing cricket today.  However, I did get to watch the girls’ dance class and played games with the little girls until the big girls could take me to their regularly scheduled computer class.

Holding hands they escorted me through the streets to the building where they have computer classes.  The boys and girls take turns so once I got there with the girls the boys all left.  Since there are only a couple of computers the girls also take turns using the computers. The girls who were waiting their turn asked me why I was always taking so many pictures and videos.  I explained to them that I want people in Canada to learn about how Jeanamitabh and Sunway help the children and that a picture is worth a thousand words. They understood quickly and offered to help organize the children so that next time I visit them I can be extremely productive as I only have two more days in India.

Tarik arrived this afternoon so tomorrow is a special day as many of the children in both homes have developed a special relationship with him and were excited when I told him he would be there for Christmas.  Now I’m off to bed to recharge for the excitement of tomorrow!

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  1. Joshua Rudolph says:

    Amazing reporting and picture-taking by Xilo! We are following you and getting a feel for the orphanage and the lives of the children. I’m so proud about how you decided to take your holiday!

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