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Please Help PK Purchase Bicycles for the Children- Donations Needed ASAP!

26 January 2014

I’m sending this message to Paper Kite supporters with the hope that you could make a donation while I’m in India so I can purchase 12 bicycles for the students who are attending college. I learned that a group of them currently take a taxi when they have money and some of them hitchhike. Their college is in the neighbouring city, 18 kms away. Students typically go to college by bicycle, which takes about one hour.

What motivated me to humbly ask for donations to purchase bicycles is that I learned that the students do not go to college on days they do not have transportation. In the five years I have been coming (remove this word) here, I have realized that difficult decisions around the allocation of donations must be made. The orphanage has found funds to pay for the student’s college tuition; however, there still is a barrier for them to attend college. Being here and seeing the students miss school because they do not have transportation is heartbreaking. The students look forward to attending school – they have told me they know education is the only way to advance in life. When they miss school because they had no way of getting there, they study their text books. They take every opportunity to learn.
Paper Kite allocates the funds they receive to benefit all the children. The items we purchased this year will have both short and long term benefits for all the children.

12 bicycles would cost $900 Canadian dollars. As I mentioned, these bicycles would make a world of difference in their lives, contributing to their health and breaking down the barrier to attend school. If Paper Kite receives these donations in the next four days, I will personally purchase the bicycles and deliver them to the students on the donor(s) behalf. I will record their responses and comments and post them. This is an opportunity for you to directly respond to an immediate need and observe a barrier being broken down by contributing to the higher education of children who typically would not have this opportunity.

Thank you very much,

Tarik Kadri

One Response to “Please Help PK Purchase Bicycles for the Children- Donations Needed ASAP!”

  1. Felix says:

    Mabrooq Tarik!
    I would be more than happy to be part of your Dhana. I am consistently touched by your sincere caring. Thank you.

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