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Sixth Update from India

2 April 2010

I start my journey home in a few hours so this should be my last post from Bihar.  I’m exactly on the other side of the world from Vancouver and it’ll be the longest single journey I have ever done, involving 4 flights over nearly 2 days.  These last few days I have been helped an orphanage update their documents, including one for the government, and checked on a construction project for another NGO whose manager is now back in the USA.  This morning I refilled my luggage and am now ready to go.

There are parts of Bihar I will miss, especially the people I have worked with, and parts that I won’t miss, corruption and the heat come quickly to mind.  Once settled back in Vancouver I’ll write another post with an overview of what I have learned while in Bihar these past 2 months.

I arrive in Vancouver the day of our next volunteer meeting and will definitely try to attend (I’m expecting travel delays given the number of flights and the distance).  I want to meet the new people I have seen during our Skype meetings!



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