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Starting the Journey Home

22 December 2012

By Derek and Vinyse

After three weeks away, including the past eight days volunteering in Bodh Gaya, we are starting our journey home. This afternoon we fly to Delhi to spend one evening there, then to London for another evening, and on Monday we’ll be making the final flight home…just in time for Christmas with family and friends.

We leave India with wonderful memories and new friendships. We have been inspired by the passion and dedication of staff from Jeanamitabh and Sunway, and will never forget the smiles and giggles shared with the children.

We are certain that we’ll be back to India again, to explore new places, to meet new people, to reunite with our new found friends, and to give our time, skills, and love to both the children and the four-legged friends in this beautiful country.

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