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21 December 2012

By Derek and Vinyse

To try to prevent the end of the world (plus cold and flu season) from reaching the orphanage, one of the Danish volunteers living at Sunway mentioned that fruit for the kids would be nice. So, today, we bought a bunch of oranges to bring to the orphanage.

I was surprising how excited the kids were to have fruit. If given the choice between cookies and fruit, they’d choose the latter.  Too bad this isn’t the way with most North American kids. The oranges went super quickly! Some of the children called out to the boys playing in the adjacent field, and in the blink of an eye, a bunch of them came bounding up the stairs.

We brought the iPad out again and they immediately started playing Ludo. They were teaching us numbers in Hindi with each of the virtual dice (too bad we only know how to count to 6!).

A couple of the children took an interest in our SLR camera so Vinyse went around the terrace with them taking pics. The blog photo of one of the Danish volunteers was taken by one of the boys. They had a great eye!

The photo of us walking on the road was taken by Xilo, as we saw the kids walking home from school with the Danish volunteer. They were excited to see us, waving from a far and running to hold our hands. Though we won’t see them again before we leave Bodh Gaya, the children of Sunway have definitely left us with warm hearts and we look forward to getting updates on their lives.

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