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June 2012

Bibhu Tamrakar

We are happy to announce Bibhu as our Featured Volunteer.

Bibhu has volunteered with Paper Kite since 2010, and she has played an instrumental role in organizing our healing days in Vancouver. She is also in charge of our social media in which she updates the community and our donors on all news related to Paper Kite. When not volunteering with Paper Kite, Bibhu works for the BC Schizophrenia Society which further exemplifies her dedication to non-profit work.

We are extremely appreciative of Bibhu’s continuing commitment to Paper Kite. Her dedication and enthusiasm sets a wonderful example for our volunteers. Thank you, Bibhu, for all your hard work!

July 2011

We are thrilled to present Johannes as our Featured Volunteer this quarter. As one of the more senior Paper Kite Volunteers,  he has been an asset to newer volunteers learning about the organization and the work we do.

Johannes has shown his continued commitment to Paper Kite by being a key player in organizing the recent Healing Day event, which brought in over $1,600 for our organization by providing various treatments, such as massages, reiki, etc., by donation. Johannes also traveled to Bihar in February 2011 and assisted Paper Kite in funding projects for the orphanages we support.

Thank you, Johannes, for continuing to be an example to fellow volunteers!

February 2011

Angela has volunteered with Paper Kite since April 2010. She has been dedicated to our cause while completing a Masters degree in Asia Pacific Policy Studies at UBC. She has successfully organized Paper Kite’s involvement and led volunteers during a major public relations event with Deepak Chopra.

Angela’s on-going commitment continued while she raised $1000 through a personal fundraiser during the holiday season from friends and family. $1000 has purchased one month of food for an orphanage of 80 children, including fruits which the children rarely receive.

Angela’s generous commitment has set a wonderful example and demonstrated the power of individuals to effect remarkable change. Volunteers with her passion and dedication are so hard to come by. Her strong dedication, commitment and compassion has made a difference in the lives of the children in Bihar, India.

September 2010

Isabel Estan (better known as “Iz”) has been with Paper Kite Children’s Foundation since our inaugural meeting in March 2009. Iz currently fills the role of Vice President and Board Secretary, and helps out with various other Paper Kite projects.

We asked Iz to share her reasons for working with Paper Kite and she said,  “What motivated me to join Paper Kite is my fundamental belief that every child deserves a childhood.  Paper Kite’s drive to provide basic necessities to the orphans of Bihar, is a noble cause, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be a part of this grass roots charity.  Seeing a child smile is the greatest reward.”

Iz has completed many volunteer tasks for Paper Kite including; graphic design projects, administrative tasks, and volunteering at events. Her dedication and valuable skills were paramount in organizing our participation at the Deepak Chopra event in June 2010. From late nights to early mornings, Iz was committed to doing whatever it took to make this event a success. It is the hard work and dedication of volunteers like Iz that keep a charity like Paper Kite going.

We are honoured to have Iz on our team and look forward to travelling with her to Bihar next year because she is the perfect ambassador for Paper Kite Children’s Foundation.

May 2010

Paper Kite Children’s Foundation is proud to introduce Sheila Biddiscombe.  Sheila joined Paper Kite as a volunteer in the Winter of 2009-2010. Sheila helped organize and facilitate Paper Kite’s involvement in events such as Deepak Chopra’s talking event in Vancouver. This event will provide Paper Kite with the opportunity to network, advocate for corporate sponsors and to advertise for volunteers. This summer she plans to continue her volunteer work by instructing Yoga and donating part of the proceeds to Paper Kite Children’s Foundation.

Sheila is a social worker with AIDS Vancouver.  Her work has provided her with the information and resources needed to continue her involvement with the community.  In Sheila’s own words: ” Volunteering with Paper Kite is an expression of my life’s purpose.  Many years ago I spent time in India, since then I have wanted to do volunteer work for the state of Bihar.  The first day I met some of Paper Kite’s volunteers, I felt a deep and natural connection.  All these factors combined to make volunteering with Paper Kite such a natural fit for me.”

Thank you Sheila, for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with us!

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