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Maham is one of Paper Kite’s most involved student volunteers. Studying at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, she has recently been appointed as the Regional Board Member for Paper Kite.

Q: What does volunteering mean to you?IMG_20140823_172439 (1)

MA: Volunteering is an extremely productive way for me utilize the free time I have and a fantastic way to be involved and engaged
outside of class. I want to make sure that I’m spending my time wisely. More importantly, it’s a chance for me to give back to the community and help those less fortunate. I am able to contribute to a great cause in my own way.

Q: Why Paper Kite and how has volunteering with Paper Kite helped you?

MA: Even though I’m not from there, I’ve always been fascinated with India. My interests lie within women and children empowerment and helping students. Paper Kite’s goals matched mine exactly. They work with orphan children in structuring their lives, providing them with shelter, education and a hygienic living. They are able to provide families the safety and security of their children. Working with Paper Kite gave me the opportunity to learn about the conditions of the people there and I’ve also learnt about so many places in the country. I have gained tremendous practical experience, firstly as a fund raising officer and now regional board member. I have had the opportunity to attain valuable communication skills and this volunteer experience is a steppingstone for me regarding my career goals too!

Q: What has your experience with Paper Kite been like so far?

MA: So so great! It is such a fantastic work environment, the other volunteers are very friendly and easy going but most importantly, they all want the best for Paper Kite. We all work towards one goal. I love Paper Kite!

Q: How do you juggle school with volunteering?

MA: School and volunteering together can get hard sometimes. But I have learnt to prioritize and be super organized. I use calendars, reminders, sticky notes and all of that. I try not to waste time and use all of my time commuting on the bus or train to catch up with work!

Q: What keeps you motivated to continue volunteering?

MA: I think it is mainly the cause and how it coincides with my goal to be in India. Volunteering with Paper Kite gives me a better understanding of the operation there, which is useful for me to know. Secondly, I want to achieve bigger and better results this year. This is a cause I am passionate about so I want to ensure that we raise more money and we are able to provide more for both the orphanages.


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